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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Family That Prays Together Stays Together

It speaks volumes that you have visited this site today. While the goal was to get one million families to take time out of their day and come together in prayer we do not need 1 Million because  the bible says," For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them".  Matthew 18:20. We are living in an age where the family unit is ceasing to exist/ Divorce is at it's highest rate ever, the Devil is coming against us in our homes seeking to divide, he is coming against us in the areas of our marriages, our finances, our children, lets decree and declare today that The Devil is a Liar! Take back what the devil stole from you. The Million Family connect is about Connecting with family. We have time to connect with friends on facebook, we have time to connect to the internet for various activities of our own interest, we have time to connect via cell phone and text message with people who do not matter. Let's put forth time in our schedules to connect with our families. Prayer is the key: I truly believe the old saying that a Family that Prays Together Stays Together.  Prayer is our weapon against the enemy, when we pray to our father we are allowing him to intercede on our behalf and take our burdens into his hands. The little 5 year old boy in the first video above demonstrates in a powerful way how we can pray over everything that is coming against us in our lives. Decree and Declare it! There is a message for every family situation here today. Make a commitment to take time each week out your busy lives and Pray with your family. Remember when you say "I Will" you are making a commitment to Change.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

For Better or Worse

I'm back again and this week I'm coming at you with some Real Talk that if you're married you can identify with and if you're not knowledge is power.  So this week I been watching the news when I wake up and I here all this talk about a 3 year glitch. Now we not talking bout no glitch in the computer, or a glitch in the transmission system, they really talking bout a study that says marriages have went from the old 7 year itch theory to now having a 3 year glitch. Now what's up wit all that?  First of all, marriages are ordained by God. Let me say it again by God. God didn't put no glitches in marriages. Hello! we did that on our own, by having expectation without communication. Am I hittin a nerve yet? Well this may shock some, No one is perfect. If you looking for that perfect spouse or if you think you that  perfect spouse I got news for you, real talk, you're not. Marriage is hard work, that's something I've learned after being married for 11 years now. There will be ups and downs in marriage but with prayer and work on your part let me capitalize that(YOUR PART), stop worrying about the other persons part and you can have a lasting marriage. What kills me is that it seems that in this day and age marriage is almost a joke. People getting married and it hasn't even been 1 year and they tryna bounce cause things aren't going their way. So then that raises a question what was the purpose of walking down the aisle, standing before God vowing til death do you part, and performing a ritual that symbolizes lasting love if  you ready to up and leave the marriage shortly thereafter. Marriage is like your health, it's serious you got to take care of it.  If you watched the videos above, the first video is a scenario of a couple who cant agree on should the husband up and haul off for 6 months to pursue his career. Now in the video he doesn't care why she feels he shouldn't go and she doesn't care why it's important to him that he goes. To make a long story short he leaves anyway and the plane he's supposed to be on crashes. Now she hears this on the radio and is in belief that her husband is dead, while he's really on the way home. Some of us can relate to this, being so busy in our lives that we are not putting our partner's concerns first or communicating on a level that a compromise can be reached. Now what if you were in this situation and your partner had actually gotten on the plane and died?  Sometimes we have to remember that tomorrow is not promised, and the one's we love can be gone in an instant, so we really have to do what we can while they are with us to make them a priority, of course God first, then your marriage, then kids, because if its not in that order it simply wont work. Now you can allow yourself to fall prey to the devil and all these glitches and itches that society want to tell you exist or you can step up and be the man or woman that you need to be in order to help your marriage succeed. And remember the work doesn't end. Videos 1-7 are specific to this topic check em out good stuff, and  listen, holla at your girl in the comments below because this is real talk, let's get a discussion going on this.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


What's Good  Yall?  God is, no doubt. So listen since I started this blog I been talking about topics where we are focusing on one thing: Change. Why ? Because when we make positive changes within ourselves we are automatically going to spread this positive change to others. That's what the I Will Movement is about. Now check this, you see the four letter word in title above? HELP. This is one of the most powerful things that you as an individual can do to promote change, Help others. When you help those in need you are creating change, whether its providing food, shelter, clothing, the word of God, you are promoting change. Not only will the situations of those that you help change your situation changes.  In the bible Luke 6:38 ( english standard version) says, "Give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you. " Now don't get it twisted, I'm not saying we should give because we expect something in return, but in doing so we will be blessed. The bible also says that the Lord loveth a cheerful giver. You ever had someone help you out and they had an attitude about doing it; and seemed to forget that you once helped them?  That's not the way it should be, God wants us to be cheerful about giving.  Ever seen people that have everything one's heart could desire but they do not give to others? John 3:17 says " But if anyone has the world's good and sees his brother in need yet closes his heart against him, how does god's love abide in him?  Ever had someone help you out only to make themselves look good, like they are above you, and they just had to tell others what they have done? That's boastfulness and God ain't on it. An excellent example of helping those in need  is the story of  homeless man Ted Williams that has populated the news, and internet. Hear we have a man who stands on the corner of the freeway everyday holding  a sign as people drive by, clearly he needs help. The dispatch worker who made a video of him has always talked to him with words of encouragement and gave a dollar or two every time he saw him. Who would have known that one cell phone video would gain exposure to the masses that it did and bless Ted Williams in ways that he would have never imagined. If we all have a mentality to just help others, in whatever way we can there's no telling the limits that what we have done can reach. It's like the movie "Pay it Forward" , the good we do for others can spread. The Dispatch worker himself stated that he had not intended for the video to go viral, he was just doing what he always does when he sees Ted Williams, being a friend. By doing so, he too will be blessed.
So, make a commitment to help someone in what ever way you can without expecting something in return, and watch how it spreads. Share your stories in the comments section below. Remember when you say "I Will", you are committing to an action: Change!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Hatin' Im Prayin'

So, I've been talking about forgiveness. Even in the midst of storm we have to forgive our enemies too. I wrote this poem when I was going through something in my life. The best thing we can do for ourselves when we have enemies and haters among us is to forgive them, other wise you are giving them the power over you.  And the best thing you can do for them is Pray for them. Check out my Poem...

                                    You Hatin' I'm Prayin'
                                                   by Indira Williams

Hater’s wonder how I keep my composure, well it’s the God in me; I thought I told ya,
and I know you wanted me to lose my crown, couldn’t wait to see it all fall down.
I know you wanted to be in my spot, but see I am the queen and Me, you’re NOT.
And I know you’re thinking right now, this chick is conceited,
but it’s a beautiful thing to proclaim that the enemy has been defeated !
And despite all the hell you tried to bring into my life,
Proverbs  18:22 says, “ God favor’s a man because he has a Wife!”
You see forgiveness  is a powerful thing,  
that’s why you have not torn apart what God put together with this ring.
And  I’m not hatin’ the player nor am I hatin’ the game, because neither I cannot change,
So in the meantime, I pray for you, hater,
in Jesus name.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey everyone, I'm back. It's been a while since I last posted  on the blog but I will definitely have it updated more often. In fact I have an assignment in one of my courses to create a blog on blogger. Since I already have one I thought what better time than now to finish what I already started. So the last time we talked I said I would talk about forgiveness and that I was working on forgiving someone. In my heart I have forgiven them  Forgiveness is powerful, because when you forgive you are letting go of powerless feelings that you have when you have not forgiven someone. The bible teaches us so clearly that God wants us to forgive. In the lords prayer it says we should pray " and forgive us our trespasses as we  forgive those who trespass against us... So lets be real about this topic. Christ forgave us , so why is it so hard for us to forgive others in that same unconditional way? Is it because we feel that we cannot trust a person even though we forgive the act they have done against us? Does forgiving a person automatically = trust or are those two separate things? I believe forgiveness and trust are separate and that trust is something that has to be rebuilt over time when someone has violated your trust; however forgiveness is the best start then, you and that person can work on the trust issues. Ultimately forgiveness starts with YOU so make a commitment to forgive someone who has wronged you. Remember, when you make a commitment you are saying "I Will" which is the precept to change. Change start with you.  So friends what do think? Holla at your girl, share your stories in the  comment section below, or just comment let's talk about it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A committment to Change You.

      Have you ever noticed the effect that people's attitudes have on you and vise versa? Have you noticed that negative people tend to surround themselves with other negative people and that same group of people are always in a negative state of mind every time you see them. Nothing positive to say about anything. I myself have seen first hand how negativety can spread like a plague so I usually choose to stay away from people that always have a negative energy about themselves because they want nothing more than to keep you in a negative stooper with them, because they cant seem to be happy. If you are one of those people, or the opposite a very positive person ask yourself what you can do to change your negative attitude or what you can do to spread your positive attitude to others. The I Will movement is about changing our attitudes, our actions, our thinking, our reactions to others, in positive way that will not only better ouselves, but as a result spread to encourage others to want to better themselves. I Will is not a statement but a commitment to take action, ownership and responsibility for who you are so that you can be prepared to move into the full purpose that God has intended for you.